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Spring Native Plant & Rain Barrel Sale

  • March 23, 2019
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Are you ready to SAVE MONEY on water and landscape maintenance?  Whether your goal is to draw more butterflies or birds to your yard, save water, reduce pesticide use, or showcase color throughout the year, native plants can help! 

9AM – 12PM: Rain Barrels International will be on hand to sell rain barrels! $20 from each sale benefits the Environmental Nature center. You can pre-order HERE.

10AM – *FREE WORKSHOP* “Rainwater Harvesting”

11AM – *FREE WORKSHOP* “Native Plants for the Foodie Garden”

Please note, MILKWEED will not be available at this plant sale, although we will have plenty of other host and nectar plants for the dozens of butterfly species native to Orange County. It is not available from our supplier, yet.

Plants available* March 23:

Amorpha fruticosa, False Indigo

Arctostaphylos glauca, Manzanita

Aristida purpurea, Purple three awn grass

Bahiopsis laciniata, San Diego County viguiera

Bloomeria crocea, Golden stars

Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia, Beach evening-primrose

Ceanothus megacarpus, Big pod ceanothus

Comarostaphylis diversifolia, Summer holly

Dichelostemma capitatum, Wild hyacinth

Dudleya lanceolata, Lanceleaf liveforever

Dudleya pulverulenta, Chalk Dudleya

Epilobium canum, California fuchsia

Epipactus gigantea, Giant Stream Orchid

Eriogonum fasciculatum, California Buckwheat

Eriogonum parvifolium, Sea cliff buckwheat

Fragaria vesca, Woodland Strawberry

Juncus acutus, Spiny rush

Keckiella cordifolia, Heart leaved keckiella

Lonicera subspicata, Southern honeysuckle

Lycium californicum, California boxthorn

Malacothamnus fasciculatus, Chaparral bush mallow

Mimulus guttatus, Seep Monkeyflower

Mimulus cardinalis, Cardinal monkey flower

Opuntia littoralis, Coast prickly pear

Penstemon centranthifolius, Scarlet bugler

Penstemon grinnellii, Grinnell’s beardtongue

Potentilla glandulosa, Sticky cinquefoil

Pycnanthemum californicum, California mint

Ranunculus californicus, Common buttercup

Ribes aureum, Golden currant

Ribes indecorum, White flowering currant

Salvia apiana, White Sage

Salvia clevelandii, Cleveland sage

Salvia mellifera, Black Sage

Salvia spathacea, Hummingbird sage

Stachys bullata, Southern hedge nettle

Styrax officinalis, California snowdrop bush

Trichostema lanatum, Woolly bluecurls

Trichostema lanceolatum, Vinegarweed

Venegasia carpesioides, Canyon sunflower


Venue Phone: 949-645-8489

Venue Website:

1601 E. 16th Street, Newport Beach, California, 92663

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