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Teachers Night Out at the ENC: Citizen Science

  • March 28, 2019
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Event Phone: 949-645-8489 ext. 103

The Teachers Night Out series brings all kinds of educators together for fun afternoons of learning exciting hands-on ways to teach children about science and nature. Everyone is invited! Classroom teachers, outdoor educators, scout leaders, homeschool parents – anyone who wants to be a better educator.

Join us as we walk through the Center, after hours, to discover some fun ways you and your students can learn about citizen science!

Citizen Science is the intersection of science education and service learning – and a great way to engage your students outdoors.  Join Kiandra Mitchell, BirdSleuth Ambassador from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the ENC staff as we explore several Citizen Science resources that can transform the way your students experience science.

Kiandra will provide free resources to turn students into citizen-scientists! Bird observations make any campus a living lab, no matter the size or location. We’ll be inside and outside, mirroring student experiences. Foster authentic inquiry, generate genuine excitement, and motivate students to become stewards of their local and global environments. If possible, download the free app Merlin Bird ID before the session.

More about this workshop:

Birds are on every school campus, in every neighborhood. They are both seen and heard in all seasons and weather conditions, and no special skills or equipment are required to find them. Any teacher at any school can lead their students on a bird walk, even with very little prior knowledge of bird identification.  Students have an intrinsic love of nature that transcends all barriers and designations, so capitalizing on that love makes sense. Instead of teaching in the classroom about human impacts on the environment, educators expose their students to the actual environment they live in, and witness human impact first hand. Birds transcend reading levels, language mastery, and socioeconomic status.

This session has both indoor and outdoor components. Inside,Kiandra will introduce Cornell’s birdsleuth.org site, which is full of free resources to assist teachers in grades K-12 to get their students involved in outdoor citizen science and inquiry activities. She will review citizen science projects spanning multiple types of organisms, from birds to trees to insects. To promote environmental and media literacy, she’ll focus on the eBird project, guiding participants in how to join the project and access its amassed data. As the largest biological database in the world, eBird is a goldmine of data that is updated online in real-time, with thousands of submissions daily. Participants can use this data for student activities such as graphing real data, making predictions, generating questions, and tracking how human activity and climate change impact birds’ distributions and migrations. Attendees will find their campus on the eBird map and see which species are found nearby, as submitted by other users. I will assist participants in setting up class accounts, and explain why this is much preferable to setting up individual student accounts.

 This workshop’s target audience is grades 4-8 teachers, but anyone is welcome to attend.

Afterwards we’ll enjoy a light meal together and share some wine by the campfire before breaking out the marshmallows and skewers to make some s’mores!

To sponsor the food for this event, please contact Lori.




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